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California Jumbotron

california jumbotron

With all of the choices of companies in the LED rental industry, it might be hard to make a decision which one to use. If you are renting an LED screen for the first time, it may be a task that seems even more surmountable, but with the assistance of Visible Display, your rental experience will be efficient and affordable. In fact, Visible Display has become one of the most trusted and experienced companies in the industry, and we can help you with your rental, whether it is large or small. Just give us your needs, and we will give you success!

California Jumbotrons

Visible Display has many options if you are looking to rent a California Jumbotron. Whether you are hosting an intimate corporate party for your employees or a huge music event, our experienced technicians will strive to make your function a success. In fact, the size or scope of your event can be enhanced by California Jumbotrons, and attendees will not soon forget the experience you provide.

Jumbotrons for Rent in California

California Jumbotron Rentals are one way to differentiate your event from all of the other average happenings out there. All of your audience members – from the front row to the back – will appreciate your efforts, and attendees will be talking about what happened at your event for a long time to come. In essence, a California LED Screen Rental will give them a time they will never forget! If you have ever gone to a lecture or gathering where you are not near the stage, you know how frustrating it can be when you can hear what is being said but not see what is going on. A Jumbotron rental will make sure this never occurs at your event.

Any and All Events

There are so many different types of functions that merit California Jumbotron Rentals. From concerts and galas to sporting events or viewing parties, California Mobile LED Screens guarantee everyone in attendance a picture-perfect view. They are easy to set up, and they do not require an all-day time frame to be put together. In fact, the California Barco B-10 can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

So if you want to host an event that will go down as a huge success, consider renting a Jumbotron today!