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California Mobile LED Screens

california mobile led screens

Visible Display is an LED display company which leads the way in rental screens and is one of the most reputable businesses in its field. No matter what large screen you need, whether it be a mobile screen or a modular LED screen, we have the just the thing to suit your needs. We realize that renting a screen for the first time will be a challenge, and that you will have many questions to be answered, so we will do our best to make the rental process smooth and hassle free.

California Barco B10 Rentals

Should you need a California Jumbotron for the event you are hosting, Visible Display is your one stop shop for all your needs. Our technicians are experienced professionals with a huge amount of experience in dealing with large scale concerts and small corporate events. By hiring a California Jumbotron, you can make your event an event to remember and give your guests a great visual experience.

Rent a Barco B10 for your next event in California

By hiring a Mobile LED Screen, you can make your guests who are sitting far from the action feel as if they are in the front row. In the past, those at the back would only get to hear parts of shows, but now they can not only hear clearly, they can see all the action in great detail. California Jumbotrons can really make the impact you are looking for at your next event.

Any and All Events

No matter what the event, we have the rental screen to suit your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are hosting a sporting event, music concert, a race or a smaller corporate function. We have California Barco B-10 screens which are easy to put up and take down without breaking your budget. People are always impressed when a Jumbotron gives people the best seat in the house. By having one at your event, you may have sponsors lining up at your door to get their products on your screen at your next event. Sponsors love these screens, as they can play any type of media—from DVDs, to Powerpoint slides—as well as support signage around the California Jumbotron display.

You can phone us at anytime to find out all the details of getting an LED screen or Jumbotron at your next event.