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Chicago Mobile LED Screens

chicago mobile led screens

Visible Display is one of the finest and most trusted names in the LED rental industry. We offer you the best products in today’s industry. Our specialization is all kinds of big screens, be it mobile or modular LED screen. If this is your first time in renting an LED screen, do not worry. Visible Display makes the process absolutely easy for you.

Chicago Barco B10

If you want to rent a Chicago Jumbotron, you will get it right here at Visible Display. Our Chicago Jumbotrons give you a distinct advantage over your peers when hosting an event. We give you the finest of technicians with an experience of working in diverse events. From the smallest one to the massive ones like music festivals and concerts, we have done it all with flying colors with our Chicago Jumbotron Rentals.

Rent a Barco B10 Today in Chicago

Chicago Mobile LED Screens are what give your events the cutting edge to stay ahead of your peers. Remember the days when you could only hear a show, but not see it from the back row? No more! Our Chicago LED Screen Rental gives you a feel of sitting in the front row! Even the person sitting in the last row will be able to participate in all that is going on. There is nothing like a Chicago LED Screen Rental to make all your guests feel important.

Any and All Events

Any event you want to host, large or small, be it a corporate event, music festival or a bike race, our Chicago Barco B-10 Rentals are the key to all. Set up in less than half an hour, these screens are a must have for all events, small or large and moreover, they are pocket friendly too! Having a problem getting sponsors for your events? Worry no more. Just show them a glimpse of one event where the crowd is going ga-ga over our huge Jumbotron and your sponsors are lined up. Our giant LED displays get top rating for client satisfaction.

So get ready for the next event with Visible Display. Give us a call and let us handle all your queries and worries.