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Imagine Your Event On The Big Screen!

Too often, visitors come to this site in search of information such as who can and actually use mobile jumbotron screen rental units and what customers use it for. What they discover is that there is no straight answer to their inquiry. The uses of our product for outdoor video screenings are so versatile that it can only be limited by one’s creativity.

Powered By Your Event Vision 

It is our desire to help our clients make their event visions come to life. Our motto is: If you can visualize it, we can make it real. Empowered by your vision and our enthusiasm for fresh ideas, we will find more uses for our LED video rental units. So, wherever you want to bring your show or message, and whatever your purpose is – for work, fun, promotion or campaign, we will be there to assist you.

Weather Is No Object 

Visible Display jumbotron screen rental units are capable of withstanding the test of time and climate changes. It is fully protected, full-featured, and 100 percent weather-proof. Rain or Shine, Night or Day, you can count on the performance of our outdoor video screen displays.

Your Mobile Event

Getting your message across or your event to where you want it to be is the primary reason of employing the services of a mobile LED video rental company. We are proud to say that our products have been too many different locations and have been used to do a lot of things. You’d be amazed to know where our mobile LED video rental units have been displayed! We make our mobile LED video rental units accessible to you and to everyone you want to reach.

Moreover, our units are mobile, a feature that puts our clients at an advantage. What that means is that we do not restrict the venue of your event to the original set-up. Our professional, efficient, courteous staff will move your video screen displays as many times as you want. So, freely share your message or event around! (Our mobile jumbotron screen rental units are very portable it will take only 30 minutes to relocate. Take the fun to a new location and it will ready in no time at all!)

The Places We’ve Gone, the Things We’ve Done