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Florida LED Screen Rental

florida led screen rental

Visible Display, a pioneer in the LED rental business, with many years of experience behind it, enjoys good customer feedback and happens to be one of the leading companies in this business. Allow us to take care of all your big screen requirements, be it mobile or modular LED screen. We do understand that it could be a daunting task, more so in case this happens to be your maiden venture. Here at Visible Display, we deem it our job to ensure that the entire process is simple and smooth for our customers.

Florida Jumbotrons

If you are considering Florida Jumbotron Rental, we assure you that you have come to the right place. Our professionals have been exposed to every kind of assignment, starting from small corporate events to massive concerts as also musical carnivals. We know our job and we sincerely endeavor to ensure that the current assignment is far superior to the preceding one. When you engage us to arrange your next event, you will notice that Florida Jumbotron Rentals have enabled you to surpass your earlier performance.

Jumbotrons in Florida for Rent

Florida Mobile LED Screens will help you to accomplish your goal in your ensuing event. With a Florida LED Screen Rental, the audience at the back will have the same feeling of sitting in the front row. Sitting in the back and not getting a good view of the program is passé now. You audience will naturally want to enjoy every bit of what is going on. With Florida LED Screen Rentals, this aspect is taken care of.

From Mini to Massive—We Service All Events

No matter what you are conducting, be it a musical performance, a festival, a bike race, a football tailgating event, or just a corporate program, you do not have to look beyond a Florida Barco B-10 rental. The screens are equally ideal for all occasions, irrespective of their size. What more, we can have them installed in less than half an hour. Besides being quick and simple to install, Florida Jumbotrons are inexpensive too! When our huge LED screen is on, the positive response of the audience is infectious, which thrills our customers and in turn their sponsors too. With the massive Florida Jumbotron, your job of appointing sponsors for your forthcoming program is reduced to that extent.

Well, what is holding you up? Visit us right away and allow us to clarify your doubts, if any, concerning your impending LED screen or Jumbotron Rental.