HD Mobile Screen

Bike Race

After hearing countless requests for HD format LED screen rentals, we have finally decided to take the plunge, and offer our clients the best and highest resolution in jumbotron technology. Visible Display is delighted to bring to its customers a 9×16 trailer-mounted LED jumbotron screen. In the past, we were the only company to offer nationwide service for 9×12 trailer-mounted LED screens. In keeping with the times we came to the conclusion that since most content being produced is a 16:9 format (HD); that is what we would provide. We have completely retrofitted two of our trailer-mounted screens, and plan to finish the rest of the fleet in the coming year.

These new trailers have panels with a 7.8mm pixel pitch. Our older trailer’s panels had a 20mm / v10mm pixel pitch. If you haven’t yet educated yourself on these terms, I would highly suggest going here to learn about pixel pitch and what it means for your LED screen rental. Essentially, the more pixels you have per square meter, that higher the resolution of your screen. With close to 3x the pixels, it is easy to imagine how much clearer your content will be. Take a looks at these photos below to see the vast differences between our older and newer screens.

Men in Black

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that these new jumbotron displays look amazing. Combine that with the fact they are 9×16 and you have the closest thing to an HD screen as you can get, unless of course you have the jumbotron from the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium. This clarity makes everything better; from text, to dynamic content, your patrons will thank you that they can be right up next to the screen, without getting that pixelated, grainy look.

So what’s the delay? Contact us today and get a quote on one of our new 9×16 jumbotron LED screens!