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Illinois Jumbotron

illinois jumbotron

I would like to introduce you to Visible Display. We are an LED rental company. If you have not had the need for such a company in the past, let me tell you a little bit about us and what we do. Very simply, we are an LED screen rental company. We rent Illinois Mobile LED Screens, Illinois Jumbotrons, Illinois Barco B10s and the staff to operate the equipment. We are so fortunate to have such technology at our finger tips. I can show you how by using our LED equipment, you can bring a new life to your events.

Illinois Mobile LED Screen

We have a vast inventory of Illinois Jumbotrons available for rental. We also have an experienced staff of technicians to ensure the Illinois Jumbotrons are set up properly and functioning without any glitches. You only need to make the call to us, we do everything else! And we will even let YOU take all of the credit for it.

Mobile LED Screens in Illinois are Available

Mobile LED screen rentals will make your event more interesting because, there is not a bad seat in the house! Whether your event is purely for entertainment or for a sales conference or seminar, you want the room to be engaged in the subject. The mobile LED accomplishes this by making everyone feel they are involved.

Any and All Events

The Illinois Barco B-10 is ideal for just about any event. If you are planning a concert or even a corporate event for your company, this is the screen you should consider. Two reasons to consider are affordability and the fact the set up time in minimal. Usually the entire set up can be accomplished in less than 1/2 hour. I know this is something you are considering or you would not be reading this in the first place. Please give Visible Display a call and let us talk with you personally. I promise we will not waste your time and you will be happy you made the call. I am sure there are questions you have and maybe questions you won’t even think of until you begin to talk with one of our helpful, pleasant representatives.

Give us a try! I think you will be happy that you did. We KNOW you are going to be happy when you hear all of the positive feedback from the next event you planned using Visible Display. Thank you for your consideration.