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Los Angeles Jumbotron Rentals

los angeles jumbotron rentals

There are a lot of names in the LED rental industry, and Visible Display is one of the best you’ll find. We are a reliable, dependable and honest company that uses our own experience to make your experience as trouble-free and uncomplicated as it can be. We know that first time renters can often feel confused and baffled with the array of LED screens available so we are here to help you make the best choices for you.

Screens of All Shapes and Sizes

We can supply all your wants from mobile to modular LED screens – all you have to do is ask. If it’s Los Angeles Jumbotrons you’re interested in then we’re the people to come to. Visible Display has supplied equipment for numerous different client uses – from small business events to massive rock concerts and everything in between. Our technicians really do know their stuff and just keep getting better. You can rely on them to help you create an awesome show with a Los Angeles Jumbotron.

Call us today and ask for a Los Angeles LED Screen Rental!

Maybe it’s the Los Angeles Mobile LED Screens you prefer? At Visible Display we know how one of those super screens will make your audience feel like they are right up there with the action. It won’t matter where your guests are seated, they’ll feel like they have a premium seat.

We Offer LED Screen Rentals in Los Angeles!

Whatever your event or presentation, big or small, the Los Angeles Barco B10 will fit your needs. The exceptionally fast set-up time of less than 30 minutes makes this screen a perfect solution for any occasion. The fantastically affordable price is an added bonus. So if you’re hosting a rock concert, a block party, a business convention or an international symposium, rest assured, a Los Angeles Barco B-10 will do the job. Once you’ve tried one of our fantastic LED displays you’ll be amazed and delighted with the response from your audience. If you’re looking for sponsors, they’ll be knocking at your door once they’ve seen your presentation on one of our huge screens.

Whatever your needs, we can’t wait to hear from you. We are here to answer any questions and give you any information you require. What are you waiting for? Call us now!