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Los Angeles Mobile LED Screens

los angeles mobile led screens

Hosting a corporate event, a music festival or even a football viewing party can be intimidating for a first time event planner; even an experienced planner can appreciate the level of professional knowledge that is at their disposal when they call the people at Visible Display. Their technical staff has worked on events both large and small and is experienced in all manner of events, with their goal of being better every time they stage an event.

Los Angeles Jumbotron

When your event calls for big screen visuals, whether it be indoor or outdoor, a Los Angeles Jumbotron Rental is exactly what your event needs. With the ability to build a modular LED screen to fit your specifications, a small corporate event or an outdoor musical concert are all within the capabilities of a Los Angeles Jumbotron. Conference presentations are an ideal location for using a Los Angeles LED screen rentals; the impact of a large screen can be used to bring home the point that you were trying to make.

Jumbotrons in Los Angeles

Using Los Angeles Mobile LED Screens can give the event coordinator a quick set up and fast take down while not sacrificing the quality of the show for those people sitting in the back row. Powered by ultra quiet generators the Mobile LED screens are self sufficient and the experienced technicians can set the screen up in any location. Los Angeles Jumbotrons tell your sponsors and patrons that you are taking the show up to the next level, and makes the statement that the event is worth their time.

Perfect for Events of All Sizes

The highly mobile Los Angeles Barco B-10 is a self contained all in one unit that requires only one person to set-up. This unit can be show ready in fifteen minutes. The pull out screen needs no trusses or support structure; without the trusses or support structure the screen can be swiveled 360 degrees allowing for easy viewing for the audience and does not need a support staff to stay on site. Because of its ability to be set up by one person it can be very economical for private parties and the event planners on a tight budget.

Why the delay? Book a big screen today, and keep the back row in front of the action!