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Michigan Jumbotron Rentals

michigan jumbotron rentals

Visible Display proudly looks back on years of reliable service in the LED screen rental industry. Whether you need a mobile LED screen, modular components, or any other LED equipment, we can provide it to you at low cost and high value. While choosing an LED rental service can be a difficult and time-consuming process, take ease in knowing that Visible Display strives to make customer service our #1 priority.

Michigan LED Screen Rental

If you’re looking for Jumbotron service is the Michigan area, you’ve found it. Visual Display’s talented and experienced staff have leased and operated Jumbotrons to clients of all sizes–from small corporate events to rock concerts and week-long festivals. We are experienced. We are knowledgeable. Our employees are the best in the business. At your next event, Michigan LED Screen Rentals can really give your group the added visual punch to make your presentation especially effective.

LED Screen Rentals in Michigan

With your event, Michigan Mobile LED Screens will leave the crowd screaming with excitement. Even hundreds of yards from the screen, viewers will take in the mind-blowing visual quality, stunning colors, and dizzying resolutions of your performance with a Michigan LED Screen Rental. You want to provide front-row visuals to back row customers? It doesn’t get any better than a Michigan Mobile LED Screen Rental.

Events Large and Small

No matter if your event is a marathon, a Superbowl, your annual report, a convention, or a concert, a Michigan Barco B-10 rental will grant you stunning, theatric displays. They’re an excellent choice for any size event and can be set up in less than half an hour! These Michigan Jumbotrons are not only easy to set up and use; they are also highly economical. Everyone likes to hear the cheer of the crowds in front of our giant LED displays. Sponsors love them, and fundraising is even more profitable with a huge jumbotron.

So don’t delay! Call Visible Display right now. Our representatives are standing by to answer your technical questions and get you prepared for your next event. We can provide you with a detailed price quote regarding your LED screen or Jumbotron Rental in less than 24 hours.