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Michigan LED Screen Rental

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Imagine this. You are the IT manager for a large corporation and 5 days before the company picnic the CEO calls to say that he will be out of the country on business but would like to address the expect 900+ employees attending the event. He wants a suggestion from you. What do you do? Well, you could tell him that you would have to get back to him. That will, however, not emanate your problem solving capabilities. So you tell him about Visible Display.

Michigan Jumbotrons

Visible Display has the expertise to make your function more than you expected. There technician have the experience to handle any event of any size. Whether a corporate functions, musical functions, all the way to professional concerts. They have a commitment to excellence and will settle for nothing less. A Michigan Jumbotron is more than a screen; it’s an investment in perfection.

Rent Jumbotron in Michigan

How can they help? Imagine a screen large enough for the spectators in the back row to feel like they are part of the action. Imagine a team of professionals that set up, operate and function like they are a part of your team. Now imagine that you get all of this at a fraction of what it would cost to purchase equipment, train personnel and store this equipment. A Michigan Jumbotron Rental will set you apart from the rest.

Michigan LED Screen Rental

In this day and age the visuals are everything. Visible Display, knows this better than anyone else. Let their expertise propel your next function to success. All patrons, even those in the back row will experience the energy that you planned so hard for. A Michigan LED Screen Rental is all you need create the atmosphere you need to make your function a success.

Events Big and Small

The Michigan Barco B10 is perfect for any event that requires superb visual displays and Visible Display is the perfect company for professional technicians to make your function one to remember. The Michigan Barco10 has the flexibility to be set up in under 30 minute and their affordability is unmatched. Our customers and their sponsors are always amazed at the reactions to our big screens. Once sponsors know that you have the foresight to use one of our screens, it become much easier to recruit them for your function.

Call Visible Display today to answer any questions you may have. A certified specialist on LED Screens or Jumbotron Rentals will answer any questions you may have.