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Michigan Mobile LED Screens

michigan mobile led screens

The Michigan LED screen rental industry is a crowded one, but Visible Display is one of the most established and respected companies in it. No matter what type of big screen you need, whether mobile or modular, we can work with you to meet your needs. Renting LED screens can be tough, particularly for people who have not done it before. That’s why Visible Display works hard to make our rental process as streamlined and simple as possible.

Michigan Jumbotron

Are you trying to find a good deal on a Michigan Jumbotron? Visible Display just may be the answer you are looking for. Visible Display’s employees are experienced and capable of handling any event from the smallest local Superbowl party the largest music venue. We guarantee quality, and settle for nothing less than customer satisfaction. Michigan Jumbotron Rentals are just the thing to impress your visitors and make sure that they come back for next year’s event.

Rent a Jumbotron in Michigan

One of the most common complaints at music festivals and other events is that visitors sitting in the back can hardly ever see what’s happening – they have to settle for hearing it, and today that’s just not good enough. A Michigan Mobile LED Screen Rental is what you need to ensure your patrons walk away happy.

Any and All Events

One of the most convenient and practical, yet still affordable options offered by Visible Displays is our Michigan Barco B-10 rental. No matter what event you are hosting, a Barco B-10 will not fail to satisfy. The great thing about these handy Michigan Mobile LED Screens is that they are so easy to set up. You can set one up in just 30 minutes! There is no surer way for you to impress your sponsors than by investing in an LED display. Time and time again, we’ve seen sponsors and visitors alike come away wowed by a good Jumbotron or other LED rental.

Visible Displays really is the ideal LED rental provider for you, so don’t waste any time. Get in touch with us today, and we will get your LED screen or Jumbotron rental underway in no time.