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Mobile LED Screens


Visible Display currently offers the greatest inventory of 9’x12’ mobile LED screens of anyone in the country. With offices in six states, we can service events anywhere, anytime. These trailer-mounted screens are perfect for all sorts of events; from bike races, to political campaigns, to non-profit events, these LED displays can make the visual impact you are looking for. With a set-up time under 30 minutes, these screens are an excellent choice for short events, or mobile events.

These screens are fully self-contained, and come equipped with a generator, switcher, preview rack (has three preview monitors), DVD player, laptop and sound system. You might ask: What does all of this equipment mean for my event? The switcher works like the inputs on your television; you can switch from Component, to HDMI, etc. You can think of the preview rack as a picture in picture; it contains three monitors allowing you to have a preview of each source. So, for example, you could have a sponsor’s Powerpoint slide in one source, a DVD with a trivia loop on another, and a live feed on your third; the operator can switch between these whenever you like.

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