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Modular LED Screens


Customizable modular LED screens offer a great deal of flexibility and creativity when deciding on the size and shape of your screen. These screens can be set up in a 4:3 (standard) or 16:9 (widescreen) format. They also have several options for mounting; they can be ground-stacked, flown (from truss, a roof structure or even a crane), or built into scaffolding.

Our screens employ the latest in LED technology. It is important that one always obtain the specifications of the LED being quoted. Our LED has a virtual 8mm pixel pitch; this means that the audience can be closer to the screen without the image becoming pixilated. Many of our competitors still use older screens that have virtual 10 – 13mm pixel pitches. It is similar to comparing HD and SD plasma or LCD screens; the virtual 8mm screens being HD, and the virtual 10 – 13mm screens being SD.

Another crucial aspect about our screens is their brightness rating: 8000NITS. Older screens many times will look washed out when in direct sunlight; we guarantee our screens won’t.

We always recommend that our clients be fully educated when shopping for an LED rental company. I therefore recommend the following article be read here.Modular LED Screens