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New York Jumbotron Rentals

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Renting an LED screen, be it a modular LED screen or a mobile, can seem to be an overwhelming undertaking at first, especially if it’s your first experience doing so and you’re unsure of what companies and options are out there. Luckily, Visible Display, one of the most renowned and established providers in this field, makes it easy, supplying all of your big screen needs.

New York Jumbotron Rental

Looking to make a splash with an impressive New York Jumbotron Rental? Visible Display has the New York Jumbotron for you, and all the expertise and know-how to ensure that, not only will your event be an unexpected and amazing experience, with your New York Jumbotron, but that it will go off without a hitch. Concerts, large scale festivals, corporate functions, Visible Display has done it all. We want this to be something your guests will be talking about for weeks.

New York LED Screen Rental

Want to be on the cutting edge? Want to make sure every single person at your event has a terrific experience? We all know crowds can sometimes be prohibitive, blocking views and robbing a portion of your guests, those at the back, of the great experience you want to give them. Well, with a handful of New York Mobile LED Screen rentals, you can ensure that everyone gets their view of the action. With a few New York LED Screen rentals you can draw every single person into your show.

Perfect For Any Gathering

Visible Display is there for you no matter your event’s size or shape. Large, small, personal or more generalized, do you need a quick 30 minute setup and ease of use and on the go reliability? Then a New York Barco B-10 rental is for you. The perfect screen size for any gathering, from things as varied as a bike race or outdoor concert to your annual football game day party, these New York Barco B-10s are nice, easy, and best of all, affordable. Every event organizer wants to wow people, and Visible Display wants to help. We know you, as well as your sponsors; want flash and draw ability, and what better way than a huge LED display? Turn heads, keep your audiences transfixed, and call Visible Display today. We’re always ready to answer any questions you might have regarding your potential Jumbotron or LED rental, and, what’s more, we’re ready to get you all set up for the party of a lifetime, today.