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New York LED Screen Rental

new york led screen rental

Do you want a real edge for your next party? How about renting a Jumbotron or LED screen to really make a splash? You may feel a little nervous about doing this. What if it’s a big hassle? What if you lay out a lot of money; and the deal falls through at the last minute? Lay those worries aside. Choose an experienced company you can trust, Visible Display. Customer service and satisfaction are our prime motivating forces.

New York Jumbotrons

Look to Visible Display to provide you with the best in New York Jumbotron rentals. We know all about every kind of event. Our technicians have the skill and the experience to make your event a terrific, one-of-a-kind celebration. Make your party the one that guests remember with pleasure for years to come by renting a New York Jumbotron from Visible Display.

New York LED Screen Rentals

If you have a large venue, be sure to look into renting a New York Mobile LED Screen. Be sure that all your guests can enjoy every minute of entertainment with this crowd pleasing monster! When you rent a New York Mobile LED Screen, everyone will be happy, and your event will be the talk of the town.

The Versatile New York Barco B-10

No matter what kind of event you are planning, you can make it a lot better with a New York Barco B-10 rental. Quick, easy, affordable and versatile, the New York Barco B-10 can have your entertainment up and running in about a half hour. No matter what kind of event you are hosting, sports party, community event, business meeting, or festival, the Barco B-10 will help you make it a success.

If you are trying to enlist sponsors for an event, nothing attracts them like a Jumbotron LED Display rental. Nothing makes an event more exciting than a big screen display. Sponsors know they can expect a successful event when you let them know you will take the time set up this kind of impressive entertainment. As far as attracting a crowd goes, you won’t find a better crowd-pleaser anywhere.

Give Visible Display a call right away. Our helpful, professional staff will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose just the right LED or Jumbotron system to make your event the success story of the year!