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Ohio Jumbotron

ohio jumbotron

Of one of the most credible companies in LED rental industry; Visible Display is trusted as well as tested by time. Think of us as a Genie who grants you all your big screen wishes, be it a mobile or a modular LED screen. For those of you who are new to renting Ohio Mobile LED Screens, one might think of it as a frustrating process. But here at Visible Display, our clients only experience comfort and hassle free environment while we get the job done.

Ohio Mobile LED Screen

If Ohio Jumbotron is a body, then Visible Display is its soul. We are blessed with technicians who throw their heart out to provide you with the finest. Ranging from small corporate functions, to huge concerts and music festivals we have been doing our best, not only in the interest of our clients but also for shear satisfaction. Well, there is always room for improvement and we are always looking for it. So next time you want the show to have a technological edge, call Ohio Jumbotron Rental.

Mobile LED Screen Rentals in Ohio

There is no longer a perception of ‘First row rules!’, this is the future my dear friend. Kick the chills & thrills to the last row with a Ohio LED screen rental. There is no better way for your patrons to see the action than a high quality display via a Ohio Mobile LED Screen rental.

Events of Any Scale

For a light shredded concert, a classic music festival, an adrenaline pumping bike race, a thrilling football match party, or a serious corporate event, there is only one simple solution; a Ohio Barco B-10 rental. No matter how large and how small the event is, our screens always fulfill perfection. Nonetheless they can be set up in a relatively small span of 30 minutes. Now don’t let these features fool you; they are incredibly affordable! Our giant LED displays offer a rush of blood through the head of every single person, including our clients, their sponsors and we’ve to admit, even we get pretty excited. And after you’ve rocked the event with a huge jumbotron, sponsors will be looking for you.

Stop thinking and mesmerize yourself by giving Visible Display a call today! With our professional approach we can clear all your queries keeping you away from your potential LED screen or Jumbotron Rental.